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Our Services
Shamrock is an independent supplier and distributor of base oils, pale oils, advanced additives and finished lubricants. Our core business is supported by a number of related services – which include sourcing, trading, processing, refining, transportation, storage and financing. This diversity enables us to control the whole process of product movement from producer to end-user, guaranteeing fast and reliable deliveries to all of our customers world-wide.

Initially designed to serve our company’s internal needs some of the services grew into separate businesses, with clients outside the base oil and lubricants industry.  Our Shipping and Logistics specialists organise transportation and logistics of various types of liquid cargo world-wide: base oils, petrochemical products, specialty chemicals, including temperature sensitive and hazardous.

We always deliver customised solutions and calculate fair pricing using financial instruments, logistic and storage assets, customised blending opportunities, shipping and logistics alternatives. We are highly flexible and responsive to all our customers’ needs in our effort to provide the best customer service on the market.

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